SOP for Annual Maintenance Contract AMC for the Equipments/Instruments EN-36

The objective of this Standard Operating Procedure for Annual Maintenance Contract AMC for The Equipments/Instruments is to outline the process and guidelines for establishing and managing Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs) for equipment and instruments to ensure their optimal performance, reliability, and longevity.Annual Maintenance Contract AMC

SOP for Annual Maintenance Contract AMC for The Equipments/Instruments
    • To lay down the Procedure for the Annual Maintenance Contract of the Equipments and Instruments.
  • SCOPE:
    • This SOP is applicable for the maintaining and monitoring Annual Maintenance Contract of Equipments / Instruments.
    • Engineering – Head or designee shall be responsible for reviewing the SOP and for ensuring proper execution of Annual Maintenance Contract.
    • User Department – Head shall be responsible for ensuring that the Annual Maintenance Contract of equipment is done as per schedule.
    • Engineering – Head shall be accountable for proper implementation of the SOP.
    • Nil
    • Based on the criticality of the equipments / instruments the Annual Maintenance Contract will be decided.
    • Engineering department/User department will initiate the requirement of the Annual Maintenance Contract based on criticality of equipment.
    • Engineering department/User department/Purchase department will get the quotation from the concerned OEM dealer / Authorized person who can perform the JOB.
    • Based on the negotiations price and recommendations from user department the quotation will be evaluated and forward to plant head/designee for the final approval.
    • The approved quotation will be forwarded to purchase for preparation of PO / WO as per terms and conditions.
    • As soon as completion of commercial Process the copy of PO / WO will be filed at Engineering Department / User Department for reference.
    • User department / Engineering Department will follow up with the concerned vendor as per the requirement and availability of the equipment.
    • As soon as the arrival of concerned engineer, engineering department will engage suitable technician to assist the engineer if required.
    • User department will engage the concerned operator for checking the operation of the equipment.
    • Based on satisfaction of the operator, user and concerned HOD the service engineer will prepare completion of the service report and the same will be filled at user department.
    • Record the data of AMC of Equipment / Instrument as per format No. SOP/EN/XXXYYY
    • Record the instrument/equipment history as per SOP No.: SOP/EN/001 format No. SOP/EN/XXXYYY
    • CRF No.   :     Change Request Form number
    • QA            :     Quality Assurance
    • PO             :     Purchase Order
    • WO           :     Work Order
    • HOD         :     Head of Department
    • AMC         :     Annual Maintenance Contract
    • OEM         :     Original Equipment Manufacturer
    • SOP          :     Standard operating procedure
    • Nil.  
    • SOP shall be distributed to following departments Quality Assurance, Engineering as per user request.
    • AMC of the Equipment / Instrument Record                                     : SOP/EN/XXXYYY


Sr. No. Equipment / Instrument Name. Instrument ID Department Make Supplier AMC Valid Up to Checked by Remarks

Frequently asked questions:

What is the purpose of the SOP for Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for equipment/instruments?

Answer: The purpose of this SOP is to outline the process and guidelines for establishing and managing Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs) for equipment and instruments, ensuring their optimal performance, reliability, and longevity through regular maintenance and servicing.

What types of equipment and instruments are covered under the AMC?

Answer: The AMC covers critical equipment and instruments that are essential for operations and require regular maintenance to ensure uninterrupted functionality.

How is the service provider for the AMC selected?

Answer: Reputable and experienced service providers are identified based on their expertise, track record, and references. Quotations from selected providers are reviewed and compared to select the most suitable one.

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What should be included in the terms and conditions of the AMC?

Answer: The terms and conditions of the AMC should include the scope of services, frequency of visits, response time for repairs, exclusions, contract duration, renewal options, and payment terms.

How is the maintenance schedule determined for the AMC?

Answer: The maintenance schedule is developed in coordination with the service provider, specifying the dates of visits, routine inspections, servicing, and preventive maintenance tasks.

What preparations are required before the service provider’s visit for maintenance?

Answer: Equipment or instruments should be prepared by ensuring they are accessible, cleaned, and in operational condition prior to the service provider’s visit.

What tasks are performed during scheduled maintenance visits under the AMC?

Answer: During scheduled maintenance visits, the service provider performs routine inspections, servicing, adjustments, and repairs as needed. Records of tasks performed and parts replaced are maintained.

How are emergency repairs handled under the AMC?

Answer: In case of equipment breakdowns or emergencies, the issue is reported to the service provider. The provider responds within the agreed-upon timeframe and conducts necessary repairs to restore functionality.


How is the performance of the service provider evaluated during the AMC?

Answer: The performance of the service provider is evaluated based on factors such as response time, service quality, and adherence to AMC terms. Feedback from users is also considered.

What is the significance of proper documentation in the AMC process?

Answer: Maintaining comprehensive records of the AMC agreement, maintenance schedules, service reports, and communication with the service provider ensures accountability, facilitates performance evaluation, and serves as a reference for future interactions and decision-making.

How is the renewal of the AMC managed?

Answer: Prior to the AMC’s expiration, the services provided are reviewed, equipment condition is assessed, and the possibility of contract renewal is discussed. Service provider performance and user feedback are considered in the decision-making process.

Why is training and awareness important regarding AMCs and the associated SOP?

Answer: Training personnel about the importance of AMCs and the SOP ensures everyone involved understands the process, responsibilities, and benefits of effective maintenance management, contributing to the organization’s overall efficiency and operational success.

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