SOP for Preventive Maintenance of UPS System EN-32

The objective of this Standard Operating Procedure Preventive Maintenance of UPS System is to outline the steps and guidelines for conducting preventive maintenance on Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems to ensure their reliable performance, extend their lifespan, and minimize unexpected failures.Preventive Maintenance of UPS System

SOP for Preventive Maintenance of UPS System

    • To lay down the Procedure for Preventive Maintenance of UPS System.
  • SCOPE:
    • This SOP is applicable to Preventive Maintenance of UPS System installed .
    • Technician/ Officer / Engineer shall be responsible for proper execution of preventive maintenance as per SOP.
    • Engineering – Head shall be responsible for reviewing the SOP and for ensuring proper execution of preventive maintenance as per SOP.
    • Engineering – Head shall be accountable for proper implementation of the SOP.
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    • Equipment Details:
Equipment with capacity                   Equipment ID
  • Precautions:
    • Ensure that the equipment power supply has been disconnected.
    • Check the disconnected UPS condition through visual observation.
    • Before doing any cleaning /Maintenance on the equipment switch off the main power and  put “Under Maintenance” label on the electrical panel.
Operation of UPS System
  • Frequency:
    • Frequency of PM : Half yearly
  • Check Points:
    • Following check points should be ensured during preventive maintenance of UPS system.
    • Preventive maintenance shall be carried out as per PM schedule.
    • Carry out a spot check of the operator control panel, ensuring that all mimic LED indicators are normal, all metered parameters are normal and no warming or alarm message are present on the display panel.
    • Check for obvious signs of overheating.
    • Listen for any noticeable change in audible noise.
    • Ensure that the ventilation grills around the UPS are unobstructed.
    • Check the result of the inspection, noting any discrepancies in remarks.
    • Check the battery float charge voltage.
    • Check the battery charge current.
    • Check the UPS output voltage on all three phases.
    • Check the UPS output line currents.
    • Clean the equipment thoroughly by using vacuum cleaner.
    • Check the indicators of UPS for proper working (showing charging, mains etc.)
    • Check all the batteries for proper working.
    • Check for loose connections and tighten if any.
    • Shut down the UPS following the recommended operating procedure.
    • Isolate the UPS input mains supply externally and isolate the battery.
    • Ensure that the UPS is totally powered off by checking for voltage at the rectifier input and battery output connections and bypass input connections.
    • Gain full access to the UPS interior by opening its internal hinged safety panel.
    • Carry out thorough examination of the UPS power components and sub-assemblies, paying particular attention to the following
    • Electrolytic capacitors: – Check for signs of leakage, buckling etc.
    • Magnetic components: -Check for signs of overheating, security of fixture and signs of delimitation.
    • Cables and connections: – check cables for chaffing, fraying or sign of overheating. Check that all printed circuit board connectors are secure.
    • Printed circuit boards:- Check the cleanliness and integrity of the circuit boards and replace if any signs of determination are found. Reconnect the UPS input mains power.
    • Start the UPS and transfer the load to the inverter following the appropriate operating procedure.
    • Record the details as per the Format No.: SOP/EN/XXXYYY “Preventive Maintenance Checklist & Record for UPS System”.
    • CRF No.   :     Change Request Form number
    • QA            :     Quality Assurance
    • PM            :     Preventive Maintenance
    • QC            :     Quality Control
    • UPS           :     Uninterrupted Power Supply
    • MCB         :     Miniature Circuit Breaker
    • Instruction Manual of UPS System                                                                                          
    • SOP shall be distributed to following departments Quality Assurance, Engineering as per user request.
    • Preventive Maintenance Checklist & Record UPS System                :    SOP/EN/XXXYYY

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