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#1. What does HPLC stand for in the context of a QC lab in a pharmaceutical plant?

#2. What is the primary purpose of HPLC in pharmaceutical quality control?

#3. What is the role of the mobile phase in an HPLC analysis?

#4. Which HPLC parameter is responsible for controlling the flow rate of the mobile phase?

#5. What does the term "retention time" refer to in the context of HPLC analysis?

#6. . What is the purpose of the autosampler in an HPLC system?

#7. Which type of HPLC column packing material is most commonly used for pharmaceutical applications?

#8. In HPLC terminology, what does "gradient elution" refer to?

#9. Which parameter is crucial for ensuring the reproducibility of HPLC results?

#10. What is the significance of the "peak area" in HPLC analysis?

#11. What is the purpose of the injection valve in an HPLC system?

#12. How does the choice of column length and particle size impact the resolution in HPLC analysis?

#13. What is the role of the stationary phase in reversed-phase HPLC, and how does it interact with analytes?

#14. How does changing the pH of the mobile phase impact the separation of acidic and basic compounds in ion-exchange chromatography?

#15. What is the purpose of the pre-column in an HPLC system, and how does it contribute to method sensitivity?

#16. Explain the term "peak asymmetry" in the context of HPLC chromatograms, and what factors can cause asymmetrical peaks?

#17. Why is it important to use a mobile phase filter in an HPLC system, and what issues can arise if the mobile phase is not adequately filtered?

#18. How does the dwell volume in the detector cell impact the sensitivity of a UV-Visible detector in HPLC?

#19. Discuss the advantages of using a multi-wavelength detector in HPLC compared to a single-wavelength detector.

#20. In what situations would one choose isocratic elution over gradient elution in HPLC, and vice versa?


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