SOP for operation and cleaning of Anaerobic Jar in Microbiology

The Anaerobic Jar is an essential piece of equipment in the microbiology labs of pharmaceutical companies used for creating an oxygen-free environment to cultivate and study anaerobic microorganisms. It creates an oxygen-free environment for studying anaerobic microorganisms. Learn about its operation, cleaning, and maintenance. Ensure optimal conditions for cultivating anaerobes in a controlled and sterile setting.

Anaerobic Jar

    • To lay down a procedure for the operation and cleaning of Anaerobic Jar.
    • This SOP shall be applicable for the Operation and Cleaning of Anaerobic Jar used in the microbiology department at Indus Pharma Pvt. Ltd.
    • Microbiology Personnel shall be responsible for the Operation and Cleaning of Anaerobic Jar as per the established procedure.
    • Microbiology Head/ designee shall be responsible for compliance of the SOP.
    • Microbiology Head shall be accountable for the proper implementation of the SOP.
    • NilAnaerobic Jar
    • Instrument Details
    • Instrument Name        :           Anaerobic Jar
    • Make                           :          
    • Instrument ID             :          
  • Precautions:
    • The anaerobic jar should not be autoclaved.
    • Wear gloves and mask before cleaning and disinfection of anaerobic jar.
    • Regularly check the “O” ring.
    • Replace if there are any signs of deterioration such as splitting.
    • Do not allow grease/ organic solvent to come into contact.
    • Ensure that the jar is dry before use.
  • Operation:
    • Place the inoculated plates/ slants/ tubes into the jar with the plate carrier.
    • Cut off the top of the anaerobic gas pack as indicated by the cut mark and remove the paper sachet. Immediately place the paper sachet in the appropriate clip in the plate carrier within the jar.
    • Cut and open the anaerobic indicator tablet sachet and remove one tablet. Insert the tablet into the smaller (upper) clip on the plate carrier immediately.
    • After inserting the indicator tablet into the carrier, immediately place the lid on the jar.
    • Make sure that the O-ring is in place. Secure the clips with fingers.
    • Transfer the anaerobic jar to the respective incubator for incubation as per the specified temperature and period.
    • Use a carrying handle situated on the lid to transport the jar to the incubator.
    • After completion of the incubation period, remove the anaerobic jar from the incubator.
    • Open the lid by carefully depressing the clips.
    • The anaerobic indicator tablet will remain pink in color giving a visual indication of anaerobiosis in the jar. Any kind of leakage leading to aerobic conditions will turn the color of tablet to purple.
    • The anaerobic indicator tablet and anaero gas pack sachet should be removed without spilling the contents and discarded in the vertical autoclave.
    • Anaerobe gas pack sachet should be removed without spilling the contents and discarded in the vertical autoclave.

Anaerobic Jar

  • Cleaning and Disinfection:
    • Clean the internal and external surface of the anaerobic jar with the lint-free mop, followed by filtered 0.2 µ filter 70 % IPA.
    • Frequency: Before & after each use and as and when required.
    • IPA                 :           Iso Propyl Alcohol
    • MB                  :           Microbiology
    • SOP                 :           Standard Operating Procedure
    • %                     :           Percentage
    • µ                      :           Micron
    • Nil
    • Annexure-I:           SOP/MBXXX-FXX        Record for Cleaning of Anaerobic Jar
    • SOP shall be distributed to the following departments Quality Assurance and Microbiology Department.
SOP Version No.Change Control No.Reason For RevisionEffective Date
00CC/XX-YYFirst issue 


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Anaerobic Jar


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