MCQ about the Compressed Air System


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Table of Contents

#1. What is the primary function of an air compressor?

#2. Which unit is commonly used to measure the flow rate of compressed air?

#3. What is the purpose of an air receiver tank in a compressed air system?

#4. Which type of compressor uses a piston and cylinder arrangement to compress air?

#5. Which compressor type is known for its high efficiency, compact design, and low maintenance requirements?

#6. Which compressor is commonly used in large industrial applications and gas pipelines due to its continuous flow capacity?

#7. What is the main advantage of an oil-free compressor?

#8. What does the term "CFM" stand for in the context of air compressors?

#9. Which compressor type uses rotating impellers to accelerate and compress air?

#10. Which technical specification indicates the maximum pressure a compressor can deliver?

#11. Which compressor type is suitable for applications requiring high pressures and low flow rates?

#12. What is the purpose of an aftercooler in a compressed air system?

#13. What is the primary reason for using air dryers in a compressed air system?

#14. Why is maintaining a low dew point important in pharmaceutical applications?

#15. Which type of air dryer uses a desiccant material to absorb moisture from the compressed air?

#16. In pharmaceutical applications, what is the typical ISO class for compressed air quality?

#17. What does ISO 8573-1:2010 Class 1 represent in terms of compressed air quality?

#18. Which of the following is a potential source of contamination in compressed air systems used in pharmaceuticals?

#19. What is the ideal dew point for pharmaceutical compressed air systems to prevent moisture-related issues?

#20. Which ISO class specifies the maximum allowable particle concentration in compressed air used in pharmaceutical manufacturing?

#21. What is the main disadvantage of using a refrigerated air dryer in a compressed air system?

#22. What is the formula to calculate the dew point temperature from the relative humidity and ambient temperature?

#23. Which formula is used to calculate the "specific humidity" of air?

#24. What is the typical limit for "total oil content" in compressed air quality for pharmaceutical applications (ISO 8573-1:2010)?

#25. Which equation can be used to calculate the "relative humidity" (RH) of air given the specific humidity and saturation specific humidity?


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