Pharma Product Categorization Complete 22

Pharmaceutical Industry and its product categorization, In the pharmaceuticals industry, Pharma Product Categorization and the product sold in the market are as per the respective country’s regulatory authority of that country and approved by the same regulatory authority.

In the Pharmaceutical world drugs are categorized into many divisions, so based on the drug substance and current market scenario they are categorized into the following types:

  • Based on the Physical state and dose route.
  • Based on the Assignment.
  • Based on the Utilization.

On the basis of the physical state Pharma Product Categorization are:

      1. Solid dosage forms.
      2. Liquid dosage forms.
      3. Semisolid dosage forms.
      4. Gaseous dosage form

Based on the Physical State and Drug Dose Route Pharma Product Categorization


Parenteral  Rectal


1. Powders 1. Solutions 1. Suppositories 1. Suppositories
2. Tablets 2. Suspensions 2. Enemas


3. Capsules 3. Emulsions 3. Ointments 1. Tablets
4. Solutions

Intra respiratory 

2. Lozenges
5. Suspensions 1. Aerosols



6. Emulsions 1. Suppositories 1. Solutions
7. Syrups


2. Tablets 2. Suspensions
8. Elixirs 1. Ointments 3. Ointments 3. Ointments
9. Magmas 2. Creams 4. Creams


10. Gels 3. Powders 5. Douches 1. Solutions
11. Cachets 4. Pastes 2. Sprays
12. Pills 5. Lotions 3. Inhalations
6. Plasters


1. Ointments

All above are the products that are manufactured in Pharmaceutical manufacturing plants with higher productivity, efficiency, and self-controlled processes.

Based on the Assignment Pharma Product Categorization

Skin creams, lotions, and ointments.
 Eye Creams, ointments, and solutions.
Tooth Paste, Lotion, ointment, and powder.
Hand Lotion, cream, ointment, and Seitizers for hand.
Foot Creams, ointments, dusting powders.
Hair Hair cream, creams, lotions, ointments, air lotions, shampoos, and hair fixing.
Nasal Nasal Spray and Solutions,

Based on the Utilization Pharma Product Categorization

1. Internal all preparations except for external.
2. External Ointments, lotions, creams, powders, solutions, liniments, paste, hair dyes, and hair colorants.


Solid dosage forms:
  • Powders: Solid dose forms with microscopic-sized, finely split particles.
  • Tablets:  Tablets are a type of solid dosage form that include drugs with or without excipients.
  • Granules:  A collection of little objects or drug particles.
  • Capsules: Drug particles are covered in shells called gelatin capsules.
  • Cachets: Drugs enclosed with a wafer sheet of rice.
  • Pills: Small tablets containing excipients.
  • Suppositories: Solid dosage containing medicaments with suitable suppository bases that are inserted into the body cavities other than the mouth, like the rectum, nose, and ear.
  • Poultices: A paste-like preparation made from a solid dosage form that is applied topically to the skin to relieve inflammation.
  • Lozenges: Solid remedies for mouth and throat pain that contain sugar and gum.
Drug in Liquid forms: 
  • Droughts: Liquid preparations for oral containing medicaments available in single-dose or multiple doses
  • Emulsions: Biphasic oral liquid dosage forms for medications that spread tiny oil globules in the continuous phase.
  • Elixirs:  Elixirs are liquid oral preparations that contain medications and appropriate excipients.
  • Collodions: Skin-protective liquid preparations for external application that contain nitrocellulose.
  • Enemas: Liquid preparation for rectal containing Medicaments
  • Suspensions: Biphasic liquid dosage forms for oral medications called suspensions have fine solid particles suspended in the continuous phase.
  • Gargles: External use of concentrated aqueous liquids for treating throat infections
  • Lotions: External liquid treatments are often applied without friction.
  • Liniments: External liquid preparations typically applied with friction
  • Gels: Medications in the form of aqueous colloidal suspensions that are used as antacids.
    Linctuses are viscous, liquid oral cough medications.
  • Mouthwashes: Externally applied concentrated aqueous solutions are used to address oral hygiene issues and mouth infections.
  • Mixtures: Oral liquid medications that contain one or more medications

Pharma product categorization

  • Nasal drops: Nasal drops are liquid medications that are administered through the nose using a dropper to treat nasal blockages and infections.
  • Syrups: Syrups are sweet, viscous, concentrated liquid solutions that may or may not include medicine and sugar.
  • Paints:  Liquid formulations applied externally with a gentle brush to the skin or mucous membrane.
  • Solutions:  Clear liquid preparations with or without medications are solutions that can be used for internal or exterior preparations.
Semisolid dosage forms Pharma Product Categorization:
  • Ointments: Ointments are external semisolid dosage forms for use with or without medication that have a suitable ointment foundation.
  • Creams: External semisolid dose forms with or without medication and a suitable fatty basis.
  • Poultices: External semisolid medication dose forms are used on the skin to hold a dressing and provide protection.
  • Gels: Gels are transparent semisolid dosage forms for external use that combine gelling agents with hydrophilic or hydrophobic bases.
  • Paste: Semisolid dosage forms for external use that include a fatty base and a high percentage of finely powdered medication.
Gaseous dosage forms Pharma Product Categorization:
  • Aerosols:  A device with an atomizer inside that suspends tiny solid or liquid particles in a gas for use in administering medication to the respiratory system.
  • Inhalations: Internal liquid preparations with drugs suspended in the propellant or dissolved in a suitable solvent if they are insoluble.
  • Sprays: Using an atomizer or nebulizer, gaseous medication formulations that contain alcohol are sprayed into the mucous membrane of the nose or throat.

FAQ for the Pharma Product Categorization 

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