Principle and Working of Vibratory Sifter( Vibro Sifter) 2023

A vibratory sifter is a widely used equipment in the pharmaceutical industry for processing the ingredients of pharma drugs. Sifting is a process to crush the lumps and remove the unrequired foreign particles from the drug powder. A vibratory sifter is equipment that is widely used in the granulation area of every pharmaceutical Industry. This sifter has different sizes of mesh which are used to separate the different size particles and separate out the material as per size. Generally, the drug powder is loaded through  LPU/LPD or manually in the sifters.


Vibratory Sifter ( Vibro Sifter):
Vibratory Sifters with all Components

Working principle of the Vibratory Sifter:

This equipment works on the principle of gyratory vibrations. Materials are passed through a mesh that opens during sifting to eliminate lumps or growth that may have grown on the materials after being held for a longer period of time. Additionally, it separates the components based on size and removes unnecessary foreign particles.

There are different types of sifters that are used in pharma industries:

  • One-layer Vibratory sifters.
  • Double-layer Vibrator siftrs
  • Triple-layer Vibratory siftrs.
  • L-shaped sieve frame Vibratory siftr.

vibro sifter

Main Components of Vibratory Siftrs:

  • Hopper lid with hood, which shall provide powder charging with no dust generation/Leakage.
  • Mesh these filter screens are made using wire mesh with a fine surface that can sieve the materials properly. These meshes are of different sizes, and this depends on the machine’s design.
  • Chain (SS316L) with ball and plates for better sifting in the hopper.
  • Control amplitude of vibratory motion.
  • Springs are for the machine that has a hydraulic movement and holds the upper part of the machine as it vibrates and processes the materials. And help to transfer vibration to the floor.
  • Anti-Static PU coated Heavy duty caster wheels
  • Handle: SS handle
  • FLP Motor with the motor covered in SS box.
  • Rugged springs
  • ON/OFF and Emergency Switch
  • Speed adjustable switch
  • Clamp SS304 clamp to hold the hopper
  • The gasket is Non-screeding & Food grade gasket with a static charge dissipation arrangement.
  • Guard for the discharge chute.
  • Advanced and adjustable machine motion is ensured with the ‘No-Tools Force Wheels’ on the top and bottom ends of the motor
  • Tall base, heavy-duty universal lower table with SS304 spring assembly

Documents for Machines:

  • URS
  • FAT Document
  • Design Qualifications
  • GA Drawing
  • As-Built Drawings
  • Motor TC
  • Operation / Instruction Manual
  • Warranty Certificate
  • Electrical Circuit Diagram
  • MOC certificate
  • Food Grade Certificate for Gasket
  • Contact Surface Area Certificate with Calculation.
  • IQ and OQ.

Manufacturers of Vibratory sifters in India:

There are many suppliers Indian who manufactured this equipment. Some of the market leaders and best manufacturers are below:

  1. Sweco.
  2. Ganson.
  3. Bowen and Archer.
  4. Tapsya.
  5. Durma Machines.
  6. Anisg Pharma.

The cost of this equipment varies between 2 lacs to 12 lacs in India.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): 

Answer: The rate of the vibro sifter varies between 2 Lacks to 12 Lacks.

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